Tell The Wind

Patti Witten

Poetic Acoustic-Folk-Pop, like the love child of Aimee Mann and Chris Isaak. Rosanne Cash says, “Patti's new record is beautiful, her voice is so radiant, and the writing is better than ever.”

PERFORMING SONGWRITER TOP 12 DIY: “Patti Witten's new record, Tell the Wind, deserves an A for astute, artistic and ambitious... Tell the Wind is music for your mind, heart and soul - tell everyone we told you so.”

MAVERICK COUNTRY & ROOTS UK: 4 STARS “Quality singer-songwriter fare not to be missed... Tell The Wind is one amazing record. Seek it out and be amazed.”

Tell The Wind's nine original songs by Witten are augmented with a Beatlesque-pop acoustic version of "Dandelion," the Rolling Stones 1967 flower-power single. Opening with the up-tempo "Encircled," the album shifts through moods to the darker "Almost Just As Good," the sultry "Obvious" and the breezy cover of "Dandelion," to the folk gospel of the title track. Artfully layered arrangements feature Patti’s smoky-sweet voice and acoustic guitar over producer Rich DePaolo's acoustic and electric guitar, bass, even toy piano. Subtle drums (Bill King) combine well with pedal steel guitar (Robert Powell) on the standout "No More Crying," and shimmering electric guitar from Robby Aceto (ex Tom Tom Club) backbones the closing track, "April Fool."

In the late 1990s Patti was inspired by workshops with Rosanne Cash and now it's hard to find a song contest or honor that she hasn't won. Ten songs from Land Of Souvenirs, her 1999 self-released debut, won awards in songwriting competitions, including Grand Prize in the Great American Song Contest. Patti continued to work with friend, band mate, multi-instrumentalist and producer Rich DePaolo, releasing a six-song EP named for their band, Prairie Doll, in 2000, followed by Sycamore Tryst in 2003. In all, songs from Patti's CDs have earned more than thirty honors and awards from a list of international and regional competitions, and have appeared in several network TV shows and independent films.

Rosanne Cash even wrote liner notes for Sycamore Tryst, saying, "I was struck from the first verse I ever heard her play. She is a gifted, original songwriter who delivers her songs with a clarity and strength that are quite rare."

Patti's CDs are all here on CD Baby and downloads are available from iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic and more.

DISCOGRAPHY Tell The Wind (2007) Sycamore Tryst (2003) Prairie Doll (2000) band Land of Souvenirs (1999)


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